Hail Damage Auto Repair

At Hail Damage Auto Repair, we have the expertise to make sure you get the best repair for your hail damaged vehicle and are not taken advantage of by the dent repair companies or the insurance companies.  We are your FREE advocates to the the top Hail Dent Repair Companies in your area and we make them compete for your business!  We understand just how overwhelming it can feel when a hail storm does damage to your vehicle, which is why we are here to help.  Hail repair shops are inundated with calls after a storm, but we negotiate the quickest and best repair possible for your vehicle.  Next, we require the auto hail repair companies to waive your deductible up to $500, or they won’t get your business – plain and simple!  Additionally, they must provide you with a free rental car, whether your insurance company covers it or not.  Finally, we require that the auto hail-dent repair companies put a Lifetime Guarantee in writing on all repairs in order get your business.

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